Getting About With the Garmin Nuvi 265

The Garmin Nuvi 265 is so precisely calculated at the best SA NAVs and reacts fast when the driver goes in the wrong direction.

It is easy to mount to the screen, and it is also dash-mountable, for those that do not obscure the view through the screen. It is easy to program and the menu system is clear.

The Garmin nüvi 265 is versatile, easily portable and easy to contain with optional traffic re-routing with the UK and EU Mapping. Pre-loaded City Navigator ™ NT map data for Europe. It comes complete with dynamic routing, points of interest, safety camera warning and driving instructions. It also has zip code and street address search with a wide 4.3 “touch and live traffic news. Other features of this sat nav include 3D mapping software and a 12V power supply.

The nüvi 265WT available preinstalled on road maps for Europe. Just touch the wide colour screen, enter your destination and nüvi takes you there with turn-by-turn spoken directions, announcing the street and place names as you approach the more confidence on unfamiliar or busy streets. The 265WT is moving maps and digital elevation model smooth detail shows shaded contours for a better understanding of your surrounding terrain. In addition, nüvi 265WT accepts custom points of interest such as named businesses and traffic hotspots, with close contact to approach POIs as you approach. With HotFix satellite prediction technology, Garmin calculates your position faster to identify the track.

“Where am I?” Offers you information about your position on demand. Simply tap the car icon for your exact latitude and longitude coordinates, nearest address, contact information for your appropriate vehicle recovery service and directions to nearby hospitals, police stations and gas stations.

The Garmin nüvi 265WT includes unique, advanced driver safety, with daily updates. Travel with the confidence that you drive safely, responsibly and legally and do not be fooled by false alarms. The system uses a patented ‘corridor’ technique of camera validation so you only get alerts relevant to cameras on your route. The nüvi also displays speed limits for greater awareness.

The nüvi 265WT comes with Garmin Lock , our inventive anti-theft protection system that uses GPS technology to secure the SA-nav by locking to a secure area of your choice.

The screen and the map graphics are quite small, but the contrast of colours and shapes is good and it is clearly appreciated.

Audio instructions are clear and timely. There are radar warning and it tells you if the recalculation of the route. How do you approach your goal, he will tell which side of the road, which is turned on. The voice on our unit had a tendency to a little hiss when it makes the letters s, soft c and z.

Other travel tools include a built-in JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock with time zones, a currency and measurement, calculator and more.
I love the clear audio and visual instructions, as my hearing is not the best. However, I have a slight hiss in the speech.

Elmo Populous is an electronics enthusiast and reviewer. He particularly enjoys reviewing sat nav systems and really liked the Garmin Nuvi 265 gps unit.

Get the big picture and big features for a small price with nüvi 265WT. This widescreen navigator takes you there with preloaded maps and turn-by-turn directions that call out streets by name. It adds a crisp, widescreen display to the nüvi 265WT and comes with lifetime traffic and hands-free calling to simplify life on the go. Like the rest of the nüvi 205-series, this portable navigator is priced right and ultra-easy to use.

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  • @TRANSAM19777

    I already have the language set to American English because it is the only language that I could understand. I think it is just a technical malfunction. It used to speak but now there is no voice commands whatsoever. Speaking street names would have been nice but at the very least I wanted it to say turn right ahead or keep left. It did that for a while but now there is no voice commands coming out of the Nuvi anymore. Unfortunately their tech support is poor.

  • @TRANSAM19777

    Are you sure that you meant to respond to my comment? I don't see how your response is relevant to what I said. Just checking.

  • I'am i right, it dont tell me how many feets before i make the turn.
    can it be programed to have that feture?

  • I purchased this but it doesn't say the street names. It really made me upset. Other than that, he's right. I have 2 Garmin Nuvi units and they're generally great GPS units.

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  • My dad had a Garmin, it's not any good. It had troubles finding sattelites all the time, even in the bigger cities. I'm going to keep using TomTom

  • The new interface or OS or GUI whatever u wanna call it has an arrow instead of the word "MENU". The new GUI has a zippier and faster response and the mapping frame rate has imrpoved it. You will not feel the lags with the newer Garmin.

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